Time to renovate!

… and to offer a slight diversion from writing your book, if you love your books, you’ll want to begin renovation plans for your house after seeing these bookshelves.

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My new blog

Well, it’s not completely new, but after Posterous closed down I was searching for a new platform for my blog and ended up finding Squarespace. It’s a great service, so I’ve finally transferred all my publishing posts across and added some photographs as a diversion: davidlongfield.com

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Self-publishing tips from a pro

Two interesting new posts about the self-publishing process and how to make the most of being a self-published author by Hugh Howey. While your book may not fall into the bestseller fiction market, the majority of the concepts he discusses are relevant to you, no matter what your genre:

Traditional vs. Self-publishing

10 Counterintuitive Tips for Self-Publishers

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Vital professional support …

There is a lot to consider and the self-publishing space is evolving all the time. It can be really good to have professional support from those experts who work in the environment rather than going it alone if its new to you. I went with a publishing company in Sydney called Publish-Me! who handled the technical side of the book. The owner … David Longfield was very hands-on and accessible to me every step of the way too which I felt was vital in getting my business book done just right.

– Amber Daines, Director of Bespoke Communications, author of Well Spun: Big PR and Social Media for Small Business

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Quick Friday thoughts on how to sell your book …

Authors who talk at events, sell their books – it’s that simple (as long as you talk well).

Engage in online forums.

Create your own newsletter.

Chat on social media about your writing.

Start a blog at Squarespace.com

Visit your local bookshop.

Visit your local newsagent.

Mention your book at work, at your local shops, to friends … anywhere you can think of really.

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Golf: A Course in Life in the Sydney Morning Herald

John Hanlon’s Golf book is featured in the Sydney Morning Herald Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012.

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Honest and open approach

“Your honesty and open approach to a first time author has made this journey not only rewarding but exciting and satisfying.”

– Andrew Whelan, author of Peace, Wealth Happiness

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Publish-Me! … did a fantastic job of my book

“Publish-Me! help publish my book and did a fantastic job of it. Searching for help I was impressed with the staff from the first meeting. They were able to provide professional editing, exceptional design work and good advice to get a book of the quality I desired. I was able to rely on their expert skills to manage the project and focus on the content… I have an outstanding product that I am proud of and it due to the professionalism of the team at Publish-me.”

- Murray Irwin author of Encouraging Appropriate Behaviour: A Six-Step Approach

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Royalties in self-publishing … no such thing!

There is an important point that we feel needs clarifying after some recent inquiries.

We are often asked: ‘What royalty will I be paid on my book sales’. So what is a royalty?

When entering a publishing contract, you give a publisher exclusive rights to your work for an agreed period of time and they pay you a percentage of revenues for that right. Called the royalty, this amount is usually 10% of gross sales revenue.

In self-publishing there is no such thing as a royalty.

As a self-published author, you own your book and you retain the rights. You may choose to employ particular retail outlets to sell your book for you and they will pay you based on the sales they make, but this is not a royalty. These shops are buying from you at a wholesale price.

This difference between a royalty and a return on sales from shops is important to understand.

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Navigating eBook space

I recently found that I wasn’t alone in finding it difficult navigate and remember what I have read in eBooks. Click here for more – navigating-ebook-space

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